Cooinda Island

Cooinda Island Pic
Cooinda island is located on the end of Jubilee Head. Often it is mistaken to be part of the main land because many maps dont actually show it as an island. I can personally assure you that it is an island because I have paddled all the way around it.

Cooinda island is well sheltered by islands to the west, steamers landing to the south and Jubille Head to the east and north. Vegitation on the island is mostly Tea - Tree and small shrubs with the occaisonal tree.

Cooinda Island has three camping sites with well worn access track connecting each site.

Main Site

Main Site is a well set up site that is the main hub of cooinda island. This is where the island director stays, equipment is stored and communications are organised from. Store shed, kitchen (with fridge!!) and large tents are already set up so that Patrols can concentrated on other activities on the island. The most popular activity on the island is gourmet cooking. Of course this is followed by eating and relaxing to help digest the food. Other popular activites on the island include: Cards, Initiative courses, Nargun hunts, many sports, swimming with tubes, construction and the round island challenge.

Patrols can get to the Island Mainsite by most craft and there is even Power boat access via Pig Face Point.

Canoes X

Canoes X is set up for canoe expeditions but can be visited by kayaks. At Canoes X your transportation becomes your sleeping shelter through some very nifty designing. Similar activities are available to that of main site however you are much more isolated and dont have access to a fridge.