About Camp Cooinda

Cooinda is a special style of camp for young people between the ages of 12 and 18 years. Programs offer 8 days of boating and relaxed outdoor living with friends and exciting things to do. Enjoy tent living, great beaches, camp fire cooking and overnight expeditions around the Gippsland Lakes in Eastern Victoria, Australia, including time on Cooinda's own island!

Cooinda is a great place to have fun outdoors, learn new things like how to paddle a canoe and sail a boat, make new friends and feel good about yourself.

Canoeing • Sailing • Kayaking • Fishing • Archery • Hiking

All activities are done in small groups of campers who are around the same age. Campers sleep in groups of 4 or 5 with a group leader. Activity groups usually combine a girls' group with a boys' group to make an activity group of 8 - 10 campers and two leaders. We call this a patrol.

The first couple of days are spent on the water, learning the basics of canoeing, kayaking and safety. After this, each patrol can plan where they want to take the boats and camp overnight around the lakes. For ideas of where groups can go around the Lakes, check out the Destinations Anywhere page in the Campers section.

If you like getting out on the water and making waves, you'll love canoeing, kayaking and sailing at Cooinda. Relax in the evening with a bit of night fishing, cook up a feast on an open fire and listen to a guitar under the stars.

Because we spend so much time on the water, all campers and leaders must be able to swim at least 100 metres. There is no water skiing, surfing or windsurfing.

Camp Cooinda Inc. is an independent non-profit organisation. It has been operating camps on the Gippsland Lakes in Eastern Victoria since 1960, and is run entirely by volunteers. For more information about Camp Cooinda, read our 2012 Annual Report. A copy of the financial statements is available on request from the Camp Office.

See further details of the summer program on the summer camps page.

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Registration number: A7655N
ABN: 30 015 662 017